At Air Pump Water Solutions, Inc., we are committed to providing you and your clients with better water. Our specialty products feature aeration equipment used to treat contaminants such as iron and hydrogen sulfide in your water. Aeration is a natural water treatment method that many water treatment companies nationally and internationally prefer to offer their customers.

Mission Statement: Air Pump Water Solutions, Inc., is a corporation supported by ethical principles, built on teamwork and education, striving for economic growth in an efficient and effective workplace, supplying the world with excellent products and services for superior water quality.

AER-MAX Systems for Sulfur and Iron Problems

How does the AER-MAX system work?
More Reason to Choose AER-MAX

More Reasons to Choose AER-MAX

Save time and money with AER-MAX

When using chemical treatment methods, homeowners spend precious time monitoring water quality and end up paying high costs for chemicals. Also, those who use caustic chemicals to solve one water problem may potentially create other problems. READ MORE